Gone FishinRetirement is, indeed, supposed to be our “golden years,” but often as not, they turn out to be a disappointment for many.  Retirement – Those Golden Years is a collection of articles highlighting the good life after retirement.  Having been retired for seventeen years, I feel like I can speak from experience.  Things have gone right for me, and things have gone wrong.  Together, we’ll examine our retirement years from several perspectives:  financial security, physical well being, mental sharpness, social involvement with others, and spiritual enrichment for a peaceful outlook on life.


Most people fail to think ahead when it comes to financially planning for retirement. There’s nothing worse than running out of money before you run out of month! We will examine ways to prepare ahead of time for those retirement days, realizing that whatever we save ahead of time is not withdrawn all at once, so it continues to make more money for us throughout our retirement. We’ll look at budgeting and planning how to stretch our retirement dollars. We’ll even explore different part time jobs you might want to consider as a way of supplementing your income so that you can enjoy the finer things in retirement like traveling the world!


Our physical well being covers a wide area of information. Of course, we want to stay well, so everyday wellness will be  examined often. We’ll look at diet and exercise as major contributors to our physical health. Then there are the common health issues that seem to come up in our later years.  We’ll want to examine ways to deal with joint discomfort, heart issues, rheumatic conditions, diabetes, and others.  I’ll look for some of you to suggest topics for us to study together. 


People sometimes shy away from discussing anything about mental health because they associate it with people who are mentally dysfunctional or mentally challenged.  Most of us think we’re “okay” mentally, but if we want to stay that way, we need to nurture our mental health.  As we age, things often start to become fuzzy.  We find it hard to remember people’s names—-people we’ve known all our life!  That’s scary enough, but then we walk into the kitchen to get something, and when we get there, we can’t remember what we went for!  That’s when panic can set in.  Self doubt rears it’s ugly head, and we think we’re “losing it” entirely.  That’s usually not the case, but a wise person will make a point to do things that keep his/her brain active and alert.  We’ll look at brain games and puzzles that help in this area as well as factors that might affect our mental health.


It’s easy to withdraw into our own little world when we retire.  If our friends are still working, we seem to lose everything we might have had in common with them. This leaves us feeling worthless and having no purpose in life.  That’s why it is important for us to look at social interactions and how they help us.  We’ll want to find many ways of expanding our social experiences with others, keeping those friends close instead of letting them drift away. Maintaining a healthy social outlook can help us avoid becoming bitter and crochety in our old age.

Spiritual Bible study

Last, but certainly not least, is our spiritual self.  Within each one of us is a spiritual being.  This is that little voice inside our head that speaks to us as we think. It is the essence of our soul that reaches out to a higher being. Whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, growing them is vital to your enjoyment of retirement.  We have problems confront us every day, and having the means to resolve them and find peace within our soul, is very important.  Here we will be bringing words of wisdom and hope to one another in order to feed this inner spiritual need.

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    1. Thanks, Sara! Hope you’ll come visit often and share. I know you aren’t old enough for retirement, but I’m trying to write this to people who are even thinking about retiring someday. It’s never too soon to start preparing for it!


  1. Very nicely done – and it looks like you will be proving information that would be useful to my generation as well as we begin to look at what sort of plans we need to make for our own retirement.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca Anne. As I stated on my Home page, I’m trying to address not only retired people, but also those who will be retiring in the near future (or even in the next 30 years). Young people need to begin systematic investing in their twenties so they’ll have a nice cushion financially in their sixties and seventies. Come visit often!


  2. Hi I think the information on your site is very useful for those approaching retirement or already retired. I’m not retired yet but I think a site like yours will certainly help me prepare for my ‘golden years’.

  3. I dream every days about retirement :) But the economy make it hard … I don’t want to do a physical work my whole life and when it’s retirement time getting some health problem because of this world who force you to work hard to survive.

    I like you website and i think you did a good job :)

    Greeting Jérémy

  4. Hi Pat,
    I have a had a good look around your website and I am very impressed by everything, I like the theme and layout very much and it is easy to navigate around too. You have created so much interesting and helpful information for people to read and I have enjoyed spending some time here.


  5. Love your website, Pat. I love the way that you’ve widened it out and how your header goes the entire width. What theme are you using… it’s great! Also site is very clean and easy to read! Last of all, I really like the “Spiritual” section… only stands to reason that if one is in those golden years, there’s probably nothing more important than to get that aspect of their life dialed in… sleeping like a baby every night is kinda sweet! Good job, Pat!

    1. Randy, I think the name of my theme is Twenty-Thirteen. I thought it fit with the idea of “golden” years. Thank you for your kind comments. I agree that the spiritual aspect of our lives becomes very important in these later years. I just pray that if any reader doesn’t have the peace that comes with a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, that they will come to know Him here.


    1. Thank you, Judy! I appreciate your sweet words. You will absolutely love retirement once your business gets up and running!

    1. I’m happy that you found my site helpful. Come back often and make suggestions if there are specific things you’d like to read about.


    1. Thanks, Sherrie. I’m glad you like it. I still have a lot of content to add, but it’s coming more slowly than I’d like. When I get back up to speed, it should be a little easier. Pat

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